Silly socks!
I love La Rochelle, and travelling, my job in France, and meeting new people… however there’s so much that I love about where I come from too. So here are some silly things I’ve been enjoying this week.
First – silliness. My boyfriend, my family, my doglet, and my friends are pretty silly at times! I have had some hilarious moments this week, and I thought Seb & my socks just about summed this up. These are the socks of a Maths student, and a History of Art student. Can you tell which belongs to which? πŸ˜€
Salmon Fishcakes

Secondly – cooking. I love being a couple of minutes from a supermarket, making delicious meals together, and being creative with our meals. Today I’m sharing one of Seb & my favourites… salmon fishcakes, with lime & creme fraiche sauce.

Thirdly – the English countryside. And the weather, surprisingly! Because currently we have dramatic storm-clouds & skies one moment, and clear blue sky with sunshine the next. Living in the heart of the English countryside, there’s nothing like walking through unruly fields & throwing the ball for the dog. I miss fields when I’m away from them for too long.
more sitting in cafes...

Finally – sitting in cafes! Of course, this is something I enjoy wherever I am, especially when I’m travelling in fact. And you can see that I haven’t forgotten La Rochelle! My desktop has a picture gallery that changes every few minutes! The sofas are so comfy here in Costa. I call it my ‘social experiment’ – how long is it really socially acceptable to sit in a cafe on campus…? I think my record this week was 4 hours…. ^_^
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