Hedgehog Illustration

There’s still a lot to do. Isn’t there always? This is why I’m releasing a little print-your-own to-do list each month, with hedgehog themed headers. It’s an attempt to inspire myself, and perhaps you too, into productivity. By seeing your list and thinking “aww, a hedgehog!” you are then in the perfect frame of mind to tackle the tasks listed beneath. In theory.

I assumed it was mainly myself who prints these and sticks them to a noticeboard each month, but I was surprised to have a couple of filled-in lists waved victoriously in my face in the the last month – how satisfying.

Do feel free to download October’s edition! It features a couple of creatures in… well… Halloween costumes perhaps? As ever, the hedgehogs’ deep philosophical meaning is for you to decipher.

Hedgehog Illustration Printable Free To-Do List

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