Notice Board Revamp!
I’m a list-maker. Some people like making lists and some people don’t. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I adore making them and they often are sources of inspiration, too much on your “to-do” list can become overwhelming even if it’s full of things you love! Last year, the project of re-doing my notice-board got sidelined, partly because the wonderful anchor fabric arrived too late for me to do it before I moved into my sea-side room which I was so excited about decorating last summer! But this week, my fingers were itching to do something creative, and I bought a quilted mattress-cover from a charity shop to use as an under-layer to finally get around to it.
My 'Bright Ideas' Book (mainly containing lists!)
Here is my “Bright Ideas” book (that’s what it says on the cover – it’s so cute!). Making ideas while sitting in a cafe… of course… πŸ™‚
So here is the noticeboard, which I made a few years ago, before its revamp, and underneath the lovely fabric I wanted to use (yes, I’m still obsessed by the seaside!). Since making this original one, I made quite a few more which were much improved – with padding under the fabric, and criss-crossed ribbons that aren’t completely wonky! I gave these ones to my dad & brother, they love the way you can just tuck postcards, photos and ideas into them.
Notice Board Revamp!
Notice Board Revamp!
Here’s a quick sum-up of how I put it together – to fix both fabrics I used a double-sided-tape-gun (this is a VERY exciting and useful piece of equipment which I frequently borrow from my dad and use up) – and drawing pins hold in the ribbon.
Notice Board
Yesterday, after hot chocolate and chats with great friends, creative ideas, and cutting and sticking I was completely and utterly hyperactive… today I have just been exhausted and ended up napping (Truffle joined me!) and watching random TV all afternoon. Rather nice actually! The ribbon by the way (of which I used about 10m – it’s a big noticeboard!) came from this gorgeous little shop in Cirencester called “Lexi Loves“. Here are some other bits from there (and some which aren’t…):
Notice Board Revamp!
I love these noticeboards! I’m a collector though I have to confess, of photos, postcards, tickets, that sort of thing. What are your obsessions – do you like making lists or collecting things? πŸ™‚
Final Noticeboard
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