(a nice rainy picture instead of baking disaster)

I hope this won’t be the first of a series of baking disasters, but it’s a difficult bit of apparatus to get used to when you try and use a microwave as an oven substitute! I think I have learned my lesson now however. Perhaps you can’t just use a normal cake recipe, however much this microwave may be a semi-professional one, next time I will look up special micro-wave cake & muffin recipes like before.

Micro-cake making....

What I was trying to make was a variation on sticky toffee pudding, to make a spiced toffee apple cake, which was also going to be dairy-free. The recipe I’m sure would work still, as long as you cook it in a conventional oven – not a microwave! Use Delia’s method but substitute brown sugar for caster, add a tbsp of mixed spices and a tsp of cardamom seeds with the flour, use margarine if you want it to be dairy-free, and top with little slices of apple. I absolutely love baked apple, and cooking fruit/vegetables is one thing that the microwave seems to do rather well. I guess it’s a learning process.

Micro-cake making....

I’m so lucky though that my new silicone baking tray which I think is really cute wasn’t damaged at all! Here’s what happened to the cakes.

Micro-cake making....

First attempt: they didn’t seem to be cooking, as I peered into the microwave, and I obviously went over the line in terms of leaving them to cook to long, and black smoke started billowing out and slightly bizarrely, the cakes were completely burned underneath yet not cooked properly at all!

Second attempt: (I don’t give up too easily….) I put the microwave at a lower power and did them more slowly. Unfortunately they just turned into strange jellified, congealed lumps of cake-like inedible substances. Yet the spices smelt so good!

I was a bit disappointed to be missing one of my favourite events of the year – Bonfire Night – due to being in France. I just love wrapping up and drinking mulled wine in front of a huge fire, under the stars (or sometimes drizzle!), and get very excited for fireworks. So, despite my little attempt at autumnal cake-making, I ended up doing a nice little journal page about this time of year, which I will share instead.

At least I still have the cider, spices & rum to look forward to warmed up one night this week. 🙂 Oh, and I went to my favourite nearby patisserie, and bought myself a “Religieux”. Much better.

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