"June" Art journal

I think June is the sort of month where you just have to concentrate on each day at a time. My to-do list is only allowed to be one day’s-worth of activities, and has only manageable activities – today’s had a bit of revision from one module, a little revision from another module, helping to put up my exhibition piece, writing a blog post, and having a nice shower and doing a bit of writing for myself this evening. I like to put enjoyable things on my to-do list! A couple of days ago I happily ticked off “have a nice time” with a sense of achievement. Tehe.

Speaking of lists, I think it is time for another “Going Up & Going Down” list. I’m currently craving art and inspiration amidst the intellectual humdrum of rereading notes…

Going Up

It’s official: Art Makes you happy, the Guardian newspaper states. Many of us, of course, have known this for a long time, but it’s perhaps poignant that while our Prime Minister is saying he wants to try and improve the country’s general well-being, he is also cutting library facilities and making access to art education expensive and unattainable for the majority. Ahh, one day when I have my own art centre-cafΓ© … πŸ™‚ (wait, did I just let slip my dream? I’m thinking of starting a feature where I can post ideas for my future business that I come across! *sign* hurry up exams…)

Self-portrait photos

Oversized white shirts. I have been hankering over these since I saw them in Miss Selfridge (for Β£35!), as it just fitted with my daydreams about being all arty-farty and having my own studio. Well, I gave in… to buying a cream size 16 shirt for Β£1 on ebay that is! Not a million miles from this Miss Selfridge one – and looks rather good too!

Truffle with her Tambourine Toy

Soppy stuff. One of my friends is continually posting cute pictures of animals onto his girlfriend’s facebook page, and I can’t help being totally pathetic, especially, as Seb will complain, when it comes to dogs – which I’m obsessed with. However, this little Truffle dog is what I’m missing most. She even has her own facebook page, mostly for my mother to post cute pictures on when I miss her!! [Truffle on Facebook]

Etsy – If I overlook the fact that my netbook isn’t working and I’m having to send it be repaired, I can at least appreciate the gorgeous netbook cover I bought for it from Etsy! Perfect for my year in France!

Charlie, the Artist

Rediscovering old photos – when revision gets dull you find yourself doing random things including going through your hard drive. This is me, always determined to be an artist! It’s a great way to make yourself chuckle at any rate.

Art Journals – when I came across a new blog called “Here’s Looking at me Kid” one of the first things I found was an art journal/collage book based on her anxiety. It spoke to me so much that I decided last night to devote some time to starting my own, you can see the cover at the top of this post! I have kept journals for years, but this is the first time I have made one like this.

Going Down

[illustrator tabitha emma]

Technology. All I’m saying is that I would gladly replace some of the time I waste on computers with pretty typewriters and more cups of tea with friends.

Lady Gaga Cake Pops. I’m sorry… what?!Anyways, time to get back to my tea, woman’s hour and writing to finish off my evening! I actually have quite a lot of blogging to do this week, since Seb & I have been cooking up some yummy dinners, the art exhibition has been hung, and will post some pics of my art-journal once it’s finished! But most of all, I just can’t wait for the end of June now.
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