I admitted my addiction for lists yesterday – well today I think it’s time for a good old Going Up & Down list! Which is really an excuse for bringing together lots of randomness that I have been enjoying so far this month! I’m currently basking in the summer weather, including enjoying the summer rain that hammered down last night and this morning while sitting indoors with tea writing down lists and ideas, inspiration and more lists…
Going Up
Noodles & Beans – a Storecupboard Recipe!
Some of the best recipes always evolve when you’re low on ingredients, I have always said. And for the last two days running this has been my lunch… noodles combined with a sauce made from onions, garlic, chilli, chopped tomatoes, a couple of spoons of ‘Kung Po’ sauce and a can of ‘Napolina’ 5-bean-salad. Great veggie recipe!
Noodle Store-cupboard RecipeNoodle Store-cupboard Recipe
Hand-written Letters
After doing the more boring letters to my French school, I sat down and made a lovely thank-you card to my godparents for the (6 months late) absolutely beautiful 21st birthday present they sent me! They have always been very generous, but this charming charm bracelet is extremely personal too, featuring a little silver whisk (yay!), a piano, a spaniel, happy-sad masks, a clarinet and an Eiffel Tower charm. So perfect! But also, it’s nice to receive a letter from the family, so I really enjoyed writing one back and sticking in pictures. A couple more to write to other friends now… πŸ™‚
Thank you card
Inspiration OVERLOAD
For some reason I’m absolutely hyper-active this week, bursting with ideas and inspiration! From sitting in my favourite cafe (below) and jotting ideas in a book, to giggling and shooting back and forth jokes and ideas with my brother all afternoon, the world seems colourful and full of possibilities right now. My latest obsession was an idea for an everything- French-themed leaving party before I go to France with friends and family, for which I’ve have dozens of hilarious plans already..! (Including that Croquembouche i’ve been wanting to make for ages!)
Jaffe & Neale in Chipping Norton
Dog Sagas – madness but fun
I think my facebook status best summed up the experience:
-Charlie Fothergillβ€Ž… was like yeah sure, pet walking for a bit of pocket money, great idea! Come on Pansy, no Pansy not in the no don’t go there NOT IN THE MUD OOohohhhh darn it. *labrador rolls around in river & comes out black*. I think she did it because she enjoyed being hosed down & towel dried soo much!
Muddy dog saga!Muddy dog saga!
Going Down
Daylesford Gooseberry & Elderflower Ice-Cream
I’m sad to be putting this on my list, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting and highly excited about – just that bit too bitter, and lacking in the sweeter balance that more elderflower would have given it.
Daylesford Ice-cream
Inspiration Fatigue
The exhaustion that comes after being wayy too hyper, and the injuries from clumsiness that also result from hours of bouncing off the walls!
Mr Scruff, Tea solution
GIANT House-Spiders and Wasps
It’s that time of year again! I’m not going to talk too much about this one, it gives me the shudders… (because when i say giant, i mean the ones that cross the kitchen in about 3 strides…)
[picture not recommended for this one!]
Bye for now, I’m going to try and convince myself to calm down and do some dissertation reading tonight! Which is highly… likely… ahem… *runs away to make tea*
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