Going Up in my world this month

Home-made bread: I seem to finally have the hang of it! Partly the problem had been not warm enough house for rising, so heating the oven to its minimum temp (50C) and then letting the air out made a perfect rising space. Inspired by my mother’s recipe I let the dough prove twice, and substituting half the flour for Hovis Premium Bread mix gives it a good texture. And to save faffing in the mornings… I have been making garlic/pizza breads, which entails rolling out the bread dough into a large rectangle, smothering in garlic butter or pizza tomato sauce, cheese and herbs, then rolling it up and cutting into rolls, letting them rise a little more before baking. Then my library lunch-breaks are sorted for the week!

Dissertation-Themed Fun: I have finally handed it in !! Nearly two years on from choosing the title, Magritte has changed my life a little bit. However, I’m unbelievably disappointed that I didn’t find out about this Surrealist tea at Sotheby’s in time to go there. Who’s up for a Surrealist themed tea party?


Hybrid Computers (& Windows 8): I thought that this might distract me from work… but instead it’s kind of making it more fun! It’s pretty nice to read articles on anyway, and I have touch-screen air hockey so…. yeah. Bring on the revision :/.


End-of-term Creativity Returning: When I’m busiest is sometimes unexpectedly punctuated by bursts of creativity. So I have a couple of journal pages to share now, hooray! Although I can’t denyΒ that ringing my family and being told about their mask-making and other creative projects doesn’t make me pine for my summers of DIY projects. Thank goodness for Pinterest boards to save my ideas on!

Going Down in my estimation currently…

Getting through favourite series too fast! So Qi got me through my GCSEs, the Mighty Boosh through A-levels and now the Big Bang Theory through my dissertation final weeks. Instead of focusing on my odd tastes in television, just think how sad it is when you are just whizzing through your favourite program way too fast. Sad.

University-related brain-damage: Today I cycled to campus and forgot my keys AND purse. Perhaps the post-dissertation hangover left a permanent mark on my brain. Or maybe my brain is just so full it starts deleting things at random, like useful everyday short-term memory. All I know is that my capacity to function any more is being tested.

(cute illustration by Jen Collins)

Job-hunting: What a big world it is out there, without a clear history-of-art-and-French-baker-creative-artsy-quirky-role-shaped-hole anywhere that I can see yet. One thing at a time for now… tea and shower are next on the list. Have a nice evening.

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