Homemade Italian
Mid May. It’s the calm before the storm… the next two months are bringing me exams, one-to-one tutoring (as in I’m doing the tutoring!), playing clarinet at a wedding, moving house (!!), booking holidays, paperwork in preparation for moving to France in September… and I seem to dash between extreme excitement and being totally overwhelmed. Here are a few of the things that are keeping me sane! (Well, I say ‘keeping’ – that implies that I was once sane, but oh well!)
Going UP
Homemade Italian
Home-made Italian food. Ahh, a relaxing night in for me… means relaxing in the way I know best: cooking. And thanks to Hugh-Fernley-Wernley-Whathisface I’m becoming a bit of a master of pizza making. As in not the sloppy, doughy, thick, undercooked drippy variety. I’m talking about thin, crispy, goat’s cheese, served with home-made chilli-herb potato slices. For which you need to get yourself one of these:
Such a simple concept: a crinkle potato cutter. But they make people jealous.
Homemade Italian
My home-made ‘grissini’ were also a total hit, especially when smothered with my boyfriend Seb’s delicious spicy chutney (I only did one like this in case it didn’t work and I wasted it, but it was so good I think this is getting its own post sometime!).
Homemade Italian
This wasn’t from the same night (honest!!) – but this brie & baby vegetable rissotto was also a hit. Ahh, Italian food… which I may just be tasting for real this summer…
Also ‘Going Up’ is….. Poitiers!!
Ok… I may not be going exactly to Poitiers, but I do know that I will be living in the Poitou-Charentes region of France next year to do my teaching assistantship, and am very pleased & excited about the food, the creative projects, and the markets above all.
Next on my list would have to be … picnics! Despite the fact that it has gone grey in the last week, Seb & I definitely took advantage of the sunny spell and packed off down to a nature reserve, which I discovered only about 20 minutes away. The highlight had to be seeing a baby bunny really close by, and orange-tipped butterflies (which I confess I ran around trying to catch… such a child!)
This one doesn’t begin with ‘p’ but I have to share one of my favourite artists at the moment… Sea of Bees (new album: Songs for the Ravens). ‘Wizbot‘ has been listened to so many times on my computer I find myself swaying dreamily to it long after it has finished… Randomly I came across an interview with her in the Big Issue, before which I had never heard of her. Definitely worth a listen.
Going Down

As much as I hate to say it, the Library-come-catwalk thing is starting to baffle me. I love fashion, and always make an effort to look nice, but after cycling into university and arriving in the library with my full-to-bursting rucksack, comfy trainers and cycle helmet, a large jumper stuffed under my arm in case it’s windy and crazy hair I find myself feeling scruffy and frumpy confronted with girls in heels, fashionable fitted outfits or just-the-right-kind of floppy jumper… oh and EVERYONE has moccasins. I want some. ! But … it’s a library! So strange.
Tomorrow is the next Good Food Society Bake-off…. and I’m not organising it! Just going to whip out some top-secret excitingness, and take some photos this time and let the new exec team do all the work!
I’m trying to get Blogger to restore my comments for the Dorset Cereals competition, and will let you know the outcome asap. πŸ™‚
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