Walks in the Cotswolds

Just some little silly things that I’m enjoying at the moment! Here is my mid-summer going UP list…

Firstly, sunny country walks – always one of my favourite things to do. Except when cows are involved of course. I like cows, honest, just had a nasty run in with a rogue one a few years ago, and am not keen on them getting too close when I have a dog close-by these days! Anyway, why am I talking about cows? Here are some more relaxing photos:

Walks in the Cotswolds
Walks in the Cotswolds
Walks in the Cotswolds
The Cotswolds is just stunning at the moment – there are villages that look more like little secret Harry Potter-esque towns with eccentric flourishes & mysterious overgrown wooden doors, the fields are full of wild flowers and birds, and it has been the perfect weather to find a good outdoor pub lunch with friends! Also, how cool is our personalised OS map? Our house is at the centre of it!!

Secondly,Β veggie cooking.

The amazing veggie deli board
This week it has been quiche, curried carrot soup (a couple of old favourites you can find recipes for on the blog!) and this amazing vegetarian deli board I had in a pub on Sunday. This could be one of my perfect EVER meals… a wonderful selection which included a fresh & interesting salad, roasted sweet potato, cheese & coleslaw, deep fried courgettes with sweet chilli sauce, a whole melted camembert, chutney and warm French bread & butter! Now… go to the Sun Inn in Hook Norton (Oxon) and order it!! Because I can’t tell you how amazing it was.
Cooking volunteer!

The most exciting thing in my world right now, is of course new projects!! And especially those to do with cooking lessons… I’m sure I will share more on this over the next month.

So what’s going DOWN? Well, that’s easy. Academic stuff. Ha, it’s the same old story! But seriously, will people leave anything alone without ruining it by having to write essays about it? I peeked over at the book of the person sitting next to me in the Arts’ Centre and they had a library book about… Winnie the Pooh! “The Pooh Perplex”.
Study of strange things
I think going down would also have to be Summer 2012 Fashion. Look, I’m sorry to be a complete bore & grandma about this but… what the hell happened? It’s like someone said, Oh gosh where do we go now… I know… Aztec & pastel colours! Quoi?
To-do lists.Β This will greatly shock those close to me. Normally I love lists… probably not a good sign anyway… but lately, with one BIIGGG scary dissertation title not progressing at all, I kind of feel unable to start anything else on the list, and am therefore rather unproductive. Mind you, if I had a pad as cute as this one.. ^_^

Hope you like my list! Haven’t made one in a while, but was inspired by this weekend’s Sunday Times Style section haha… feel free to share your current likes & dislikes in a comment!

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