I could have made something with a Valentine’s theme, but I have something far more exciting to look forward to this weekend: a trip to Harry Potter Studios with my old housemates! So when looking for an excuse to make some doughnuts, inspired by one of my favourite blogs, I had a wave of inspiration. Golden Snitch doughnuts!!

I was surprised how easy doughnuts are to make – providing that you’re fairly confident with deep-frying. I used this recipe, but halved it to make a small batch – I got about 12 average sized doughnuts out of it. I begrudgingly used cup measurements, because I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to convert it. Cups! Tuh. Next I’ll be calling them Donuts.

My main tip is… use a thermometer to keep the temperature of the oil right (180 degrees) and you need to adapt your cooking time depending on the size of the doughnut. The recipe I used said 30 seconds on each side – mine were bigger and so needed more like 45 on each. The best thing to do is to cook one, and then let it cool slightly before cutting it open to see whether it’s cooked through or not. If not, adjust your cooking time.

I could have made a golden-tinted glaze to give a smoother appearance but I had decided I wanted to make patisserie cream-filled doughnuts, so didn’t want to compromise the flavour by adding too much extra sugar coating. Oh and it occurred to me that with minimal adaptation – a different colour glaze or spray – you could probably make Yoda doughnuts. If you are so inclined. I might have to try that.
I confess, doughnuts are probably my second-favourite naughty treat (right after popcorn). And I’m officially not counting how many I’ve eaten so far today. Well, it’s Valentine’s Day… surely I’m allowed to indulge myself a little? ♥
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