The lovely display poster!
You know that feeling, after a long exhausting day when you finally get to make yourself a cup of tea, and the first cup doesn’t even touch the sides so you make yourself another straight away? Well I’m on my third.

I don’t suppose that it would surprise anyone who doesn’t already know that I decided to run the Good Food Society at Warwick uni this year, recruiting an executive team to work with too of course. But with so much to do – finding these execs and finding members – today’s Societies Fair was a rather crucial date, and one I was going to have to organise on my own.

Mini meringues and Sablés

The run up to today has been both fun and intense. Monday evening, after introductory lectures, I spent cooking in preparation. The idea was to make miniature delicacies to give away in exchange for getting possible members to join our mailing list, in order that I can spam them and make them join later. I do wish I had more pictures of the mini meringues and mini swirly sablé biscuits I made but after 6 hours of cooking monday night, then 9am-9pm on campus tuesday for introductory lectures and societies convention, making a poster and display for the stall tuesday evening then up at seven this morning… well… you get the idea.

All in all, everything turned out well. It always does, doesn’t it? The meringues went a bit too gooey and wouldn’t come off the baking paper, but i tossed them in icing sugar and they looked rustic. I was informed “this is how meringues should be!” after someone met the soft centre. This adheres to my theory that successful baking (and cooking) is not about not making mistakes. It’s about how you resolve them!

Seb manning the stallEva and me on our stall

But the best thing about today was the enthusiastic team of people that appeared from no-where and manned the stall for significant lengths of time so that I didn’t have to miss my other commitments for today. Their enthusiasm, reliability and helpfulness, not to mention unfailing society marketing skills, is what lead to the 8 and a half pages of email addresses on our mailing list. *Gulp*. Apparently 2 pages is usually good. The clever societies bring a laptop and get people to type it in. But we’re about food, and as long as we get together and eat, I’m sure it’ll be ok!

One of the other commitments… being interviewed by the Coventry Telegraph as a ‘Case Study’ of students cooking. Interesting! And I have no idea what kind of twist is going to be put onto the part about me… The excitement of today never seems to end! Because this isn’t everything – but my readers will probably already know the final part I’m about to share, because it was blog readers who informed me: I won a ‘Little Blog Award’ from Dorset Cereals. Hooray! Thanks everyone who voted.

Right now… I can finally flop. No more food for now. Oh, apart from Sainsbury’s Oatflake and Treacle Cookies. Yum.

Finally relaxing
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