Henry & I have been working hard to bring you (finally!) another short film. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you Henry (Fothergill Film) for your fantastic filming & editing skills. I will not forget driving with you standing out of the roof of the smart car / me dancing with marrows / getting shoulder lifted into trees in a hurry!
Recipe: Foraged Gooseberry & Cherry Charlotte
Mould: Line or grease a mould – I used a glass jelly mould, but a circular dish is more traditional.
Make fruit purée: Wash & take the stems off 450g gooseberries, then place in a large pan with 60ml water. Simmer for 10 minutes, then purée and seive to remove the seeds. Stir in 50g sugar.
Prepare the gelatin: Use 10ml (or 4 leaves) of gelatin, soak in 2 tbsp water for 2-3 mins. Then place this over simmering water & stir until the steam has caused the gelatin to dissolve completely.
Make the custard: Beat together 2 egg yolks & 25g sugar. Warm 300ml milk (do not boil), then pour over the eggs & sugar mixture, whisking it continually. Return this mixture to the pan on a low heat & stir until thickened.
Assemble: Combine the custard, gelatin & fruit purée mixtures. Allow it to cool for 45 minutes, then add 150ml of whipped cream. Pour into your mould & chill for 1-2 hours or overnight.
Cherry Cream: De-stone & wash your cherries, then simmer them with a spoonful of crème de cassis, a squeeze of lemon juice, some sugar and enough water to ensure they do not burn, until mushy. When cool, add some of this to a further 150ml of whipped cream and stir together.
To finish: To decorate the Charlotte, attach the sponge fingers with cherry cream and then decorate with remaining cherry cream.
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