Chou Gratin
Sounds much nicer in French doesn’t it?
It was while I was scrap-booking a bit this morning that I started thinking about putting a new twist on my weekly favourite student-friendly supper, and drew up my ideas in my journal. However, it was while I was scanning the shelves at Champion, after taking stock of the few utensils in the kitchen, that I realised I would have to buy rather a lot of expensive items to be able to actually follow through with this idea tonight. I have yet to find a French equivalent of Wilkinsons and unfortunately our kitchen lacks so much as a sharp knife, let alone potato peelers, cheese graters, functioning hobs, etc.
Journal Cooking Ideas
Here was my original idea though, and when I have some time with Seb in a couple of weeks time back in England (a holiday already, it has been good to integrate slowly here…) I intend to try it out properly. I want to make little grated-potato patties topped with a spoonful of cauliflower cheese and something to garnish such as French beans.
Chou Gratin
However, in the supermarket I came across to a solution to my slightly reduced possibilities – sliced & seasoned potatoes. But not just any oven chip product – these are French, garlic-smothered, heavily seasoned creations, that actually went very well. I think if I make the potato cakes, I’ll be adding a lot of garlic!
Make this yourself: Cauliflower cheese is just made by cooking your cauliflower (& draining as thoroughly as possible to avoid watery sauce), then making a white sauce by adding equal amounts of flour & butter to a pan (I use about a heaped spoon of each) & melting them together to form a “roux”. Then you keep adding milk & stirring until your sauce is smooth. Thicken up over the stove for a couple of minutes then take off the heat, season, add cheese, pour over your cauliflower (in a heatproof dish), sprinkle more cheese over the top & grill until a bit crispy unfortunately I didn’t manage this last part, haven’t quite figured out the “grill” function!
What’s that you can see in the journal? Clafoutis? Ah yes, I’m planning microwave pudding experimentation of course. Did you really think I could go 7 months without baking?
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