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It has been over a year since I last joined the Birmingham Urban Sketchers for a sketch crawl, but for once with a free weekend & the prospect of Birmingham’s Chinese New Year celebrations it seemed like an exciting time to rejoin and get my pens & paints out. There was only one complication… the awful weather! A few of managed to at least watch the dragon dances, some took shelter in cafés with interesting views and a couple of very brave sketchers drew on through the rain (with pens that fared better under heavy rain than mine! Someone had some very exciting water-soluble felt tips called TomBow).

So most of us took shelter in the Victoria pub rather earlier than planned and I did a bit of sketching from my phone pics, others sketched each other, the pub, the paintings on the pub walls, their coffees etc.! It’s so funny being surrounded by people but only interacting in this very indirect way. If anyone is in the Birmingham area and likes the idea of this, I’d highly recommend joining the Facebook group and going along to one of the very frequent events!

For a bit of extra fun I made my own fortune cookies to take along… filled with quotes from artists of course! Turns out they’re really tricky to make… it took me one completely failed batch before I got the hang of it, and I’m still itching to have another go at making them thinner. Still, thanks to some excellent YouTube tuition & a decent recipe finally (after failing with the BBC one) I made some quite pretty ones. Dipped in chocolate, with some sprinkly stars, they look rather festive! Happy New Year everyone.


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