Today I’m enjoying all things tea. As all my friends, and probably readers, know by now I’m a little tea-obsessed. This morning I woke up with that Sunday-morning feeling, a reminder of one of the things I miss most about home which is the way in which on a Sunday morning everybody sits around with tea and newspapers in the sunshine. University Sundays seem to lack any such distinction. Sundays are either a day on which you need to do work just like every other day, or a day that you waste not doing work, just like every other day.

Tea and newspapers on a Sunday morning


I think it’s important sometimes though just to sit and have a browse on something other than a computer screen and forget time for a while. This morning I did this by becoming entirely engrossed in a small watercolour painting which I made into a banner for my blog for a couple of hours.

Teacup in watercolour

Another bit of fun is of course the picture of my ‘tea shelf’ at the top of this post. Are you surprised I have my own tea-shelf in the kitchen? I doubt it! It has an array of comforting mugs to pretty teacups that I found at a car boot sale, not forgetting of course the lovely ‘Highgrove’ organic tea which was a birthday present from my mum. Which was, rather appropriately, drunk while watching the royal wedding yesterday!To accompany my tea-drinking I have a lovely Marimekko tin (visible in my cheesecake post from earlier this week) which contains my favourite biscuits. Here’s a little list of my current selection:

  • The Classic: Rich Tea Biscuits
  • The Favourite: Malted Milks (they don’t last long…)
  • The Chocolate Craving: Chocolatey Leibniz
  • The Sweet Treat: Jaffa Cakes

Where would a girl be with a tea-shelf, without a well-stocked biscuit tin! What’s in yours at the moment?

I’ll finish by sharing with you this gorgeous little picture by the talented illustrator Kate Wilson. So adorable! πŸ™‚

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