I really enjoyed beginning to learn to sew from patterns to make my liberty print blouse recently, and I’m itching to find the time to continue with some more complex projects. I started to learn to make a collared/button-up shirt from the wonderful Craftsy – where you can download the pattern and watch step-by-step videos to learn the techniques (sorry granny – I’ll get you to teach me some more sewing too!).

However, and talking as someone who really isn’t that much of a perfectionist here, I also get great satisfaction from taking a project from idea to completion within a day or a few evenings – so that it’s finished, it’s usable and it becomes something I love to have rather than another perpetual pile of half-finished fibres (although I have those too, see above).

One such project is my fun hedgehog print pen tidy, or brush wrap, or watchamacallit. My mother bought me this cute fabric for Christmas, and I decided that I should make something special with it. I was in possession of a rather shabby & badly proportioned brush wrap already, and I thought… I can do better than that, even without it being brilliantly executed!

I have never sewn a zip into anything before. Neither have I learned how to properly attach bias binding either. I didn’t measure the line width of the pen holding compartments, I just sewed them up randomly, thinking different widths would be quite useful for varying sizes of pen & crochet hooks.

I love it though. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, so they say? Well, I now have a much tidier desk, and one less pile of fabrics that I don’t have time to do something with. Here’s to messy projects!

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