Home-made Marshmallows

No stranger to sweet-making, as my friends all know, there are a few things (well, many in reality) that I have never turned my hand to. Marshmallows are in that category no longer. Thanks to a recipe from this month’s Good Food Magazine, I made Bramble Marshmallows with blackberries I picked the same day. Yum! I think this slightly annoyed my mother, since she had tried the recipe out with my brother a year ago and it failed – but I think my success was down to my inner pedantic qualities which meant that I followed the recipe to the letter, and to the fact that I happened to have exactly 9 sheets of leaf gelatine, some liquid glucose and real vanilla extract just hanging around in my baking cupboard.

They even met with approval from the pastry chef I work for. Well, perhaps she was just being nice! But if you ever do make marshmallows, the tartness of the blackberry works so well in something so sweet. And if it’s one of my friends reading this – you know what you’ll be receiving for Christmas. If you have a preferred flavour, tell me now!

Marshmallow related quote: (which always makes me chuckle)

Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow, and when I woke up the pillow was gone.
– Tommy Cooper

Home-made Marshmallows
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