Just checked my email and found this:

My dear Lucy

I found this email address in my valet the other day. Could it be yours? I was worried that I had lost your phone no and email but if this is correct, then we shall be in touch!
Let me know.

I feel a little sad now that these people will be losing touch after all! And why does she have my email address? I think it must have dropped out of the bag of someone who asked me to play music at their open gardens day. If they email me about this, I will have to reunite these people, though I think this is unlikely now – as they clearly left my email address in their ‘valet’ (which sounds very posh doesn’t it!). How odd. Not sure why someone would assume that an email address starting with ‘charliefothergill@…’ would belong to someone called Lucy either. A mystery! I wish I could come up with an AmΓ©lie-inspired solution. Any ideas?

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