crochet_slug_pond crochet_slug_shed hedgehog_slug_crochet slug_crochet_purpleflowersBy which I mean, creating a slug using crochet, rather than crocheting all over a slug. That would just be gross, and it probably wouldn’t like it. Probably. Sadly I do not speak sluggish and therefore cannot ascertain this for sure.

There’s something exceedingly satisfying about creating ugly-cute things. I assume that’s why people adopt pugs. And have babies. They’re ugly in a cute way. (Please don’t kill me pug/baby owners).

This obsession started – well it’s not an obsession quite yet, but I intend to add to my slug family – because I like to take my crochet along to the British Folk Music for American Visitors weekly session at the pub in Broad Campden and create things. It’s a very pleasant evening, comprising of folk tunes played on the array of interesting instruments (including a gemshorn!) as well as some poetry and songs. Really it’s open to anyone who can squeeze themselves into the pub full of well-humoured and slightly befuddled looking tourists (I mean, I don’t know what they’re on about half of the time, they don’t stand a chance), but given the quantity of typically British irony and idioms that slip past them I’m sure you’d have no trouble sliding in at the same time… just be careful you don’t step on a euphemism.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, crochet slugs. This particular part of the story is quite simple – I wanted to be a bit more creative with my new-found crochet skills, and thought I’d start small when it came to inventing my own pattern. It doesn’t look as impressive as the knitted slug I saw on Pinterest of course. But he has quite a bit of character with his twirly button eyes, and makes a good companion for the hedgehog that Dom crocheted me for Christmas.





























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