Elderflower wine

The Fothergills’ house is always an interesting place to be. I took a snoop around at what everyone else has been up to recently, in between work, to find you some creative inspiration!
My mum has been home-brewing! We can’t resist foraging from fields & bushes at this time of year and the short elderflower season is our favourite. So this year she has decided to have a go at making wine! We await the results in a couple of months time. In the meantime, quick get out to pick the last few & try the recipe.
Piano tuning!

Single repetitive notes and a mysterious ‘ping’ from the dining room could only mean one thing today… the piano was being tuned! My dad keeping up old skills…

My brother's brother typewriter

With glugging wine brewing from the washing room, and pings & piano notes from another, in the living room is a tap-tap-tapping that signals Henry up to something on his typewriter. My brother using his brother typewriter. And some fantastic headed note-paper that his friend made him for his birthday. What a fantastic present!
Pretty bicycle in the Cotswolds

Here’s something I simply spotted in the Cotswolds, in Chipping Campden, when Seb & me ventured out for a little jaunt the other day. A very pretty vintage bicycle, covered in flowers.

Volunteer Cooking Lessons

Every Tuesday I have been making a little journey to give some cooking lessons. This is an exciting new project for me, and it’s going really well! For this chicken pie we made, we got the kids of the person I’m working with involved & they used these amazing patterned rolling pins to decorate the pie crust. So fun!

Hedgehog spotting!

And spied in the garden by my mum & me… was this little fella! Truffle the dog is transfixed at the window every night now looking for the hedgehog. We put some cat food out (which Truffle is also highly interested in!) .. and saw him back again for the first time in a week. So cute!
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