A friend asked whether I would be happy to draw up an illustrated schedule for her wedding last month. I agreed despite not having done much drawing lately, and fortunately she had an idea in mind which she sent me a link to, so I cannot claim the inspiration behind this fab idea. I am rather pleased with my resulting doodles! I’m a deadline doodler… unlike the rest of my family, I only pick up a pen these days when something motivates me to do it. Sitting down to a couple of evenings’ quiet drawing reminded me the peaceful pleasure of ink. I just had a thought process of ‘ooh, well I could always treat myself to some ink and a fountain pen as a reward’ until I realised that I also had four days in Prague, which was probably reward enough ;). Well… a pen doesn’t cost much. Perhaps I’ll try and get my drawing hat on again*.

Wedding streamers

*That reminds me for some reason of my dad’s childhood book ‘Top of the Mountain’, in which a the main character is given a knitted hat by a witch, that allows him to draw incredibly well…

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