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#Inktober is one of the many hashtag-related challenges and themes that you can discoverΒ through Twitter. I saw this early on in the month and it reminded me how much I loved using ink when I was at art foundation… it’s interesting how a particular medium can suit your drawing style so much. This month has reminded me how ink is perfect for my line quality, washy style and direct approach to drawing!

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One of the things I love about drawing with ink is that you have to be bold when you put your marks onto paper, and mistakes can’t be corrected so instead you have to embrace and incorporate them… such as the blot that appeared on the right hand side of the top drawing. However, I did have a go at carefully penciling out an image (which took hours… gah, I dislike rubbing out & redrawing, so fussy!) and created this image above which admittedly came out a lot better than my previous attempts at figure studies. It’s pretty, but I think it lacks the inspiration and uniqueness of my rougher sketches.

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Animals haveΒ always been one of my favourite subjects to draw and with ink you can really capture expressive details, such as the water splashing around the whale. I have a paintbrush and water pot on hand while I draw, to spread, wash and bleed some of the ink to create the different layers and textures.


You may have noticed some changes around here this month – I have gone doodling mad! For my new blog header I started out with some sketches (these are actually done with a black uniball pen) inspired by forages.

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Drawing figures and faces has never been a great interest nor skill of mine but I decided that as I had a new challenge this month, I’d spend a bit of time filling up my ‘figure studies’ sketchbook (yes, I have a themed sketchbook for almost everything!). I’m pleased with my progress – confidence is half the battle. Admittedly, it seems to me anyway, the other half is just drafting out your figures very carefully.

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Finally, despite having been a big fan of the Moomins as a child (encouraged by our Finnish au-pair!) I only recently discovered, and added to my Christmas list, the Moomin graphic novels illustrated and written by Tove Jansson. I am incredibly inspired by them and decided to do some little studies from some wonderful excerpts that I found online. I can only dream of creating the series and characters that she has, but dream I will…

inktober2014(10)Oh, and you may have noticed a few hedgehogs cropping up. Well, hedgehogs are always a theme here on Forages & Finds… I think they’d be my totem animal / daemon / patronus. I’ve never been too keen on crowds.

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