Cauliflower Rostis with Cheese Sauce
You know when I showed you the plan I had for clafoutis in my journal, which became a (semi-successful) reality? Well here is the outcome of the plans of the other half of the page – my design for a little starter or light dinner dish! It’s a reinvention of my favourite everyday dinner – cauliflower cheese – made into something a little more sophisticated. You simply grate up a couple of potatoes and half an onion, add seasoning, squeeze out the liquid and fry them in handfuls which you press into the pan to make potato rostis. On top of these you place some florets of cooked cauliflower & broccoli, and then cover with a cheese & garlic sauce. (To make this: 30g butter, 30g flour, cook to form a ‘roux’ in a pan, add crushed & chopped garlic, keep adding milk & stirring until it thins out & has no lumps, leave to thicken for a couple of mins still stirring, season, add handful of grated cheese.) (Also, Seb’s square plates are cool, aren’t they?)
It was so incredibly delicious. I’m going to make up my own little recipes more often! For a dinner party starter, add 3 or 4 cooked green beans to the top of each one to finish it off. I had the beans, but unfortunately the cooking equipment was all in use… and I had kind of hogged the kitchen all day so didn’t want to be greedy!
Looking forward to going home this afternoon so much, to my new house & room (and kitchen!! Oh, and woodburning stoovveee :)) But also Halloween cooking is exciting me, as apparently the family have stocked up on pumpkins. Yay! What’s your favourite Halloween treat or tradition?
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Cauliflower Rostis with Cheese Sauce
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