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New year, new projects and new challenges are abound at the moment. I have started a new job, some new freelance work, made a start on a couple of other projects, and am trying to get my generally head around my goals for the next year to try and give myself some kind of focus and drive.

In essence… I don’t have a huge number of projects to share, and I’m constantly making lists lately to try and organise my thoughts! I really think that creative ideas start to breed and increase exponentially when you start recording them. I have an A4 page-to-view diary in which I can jot down everything for the day – work notes, blog ideas, sewing & crochet plans, website sketches, people to email – and the more I write the more I seem to come up with.

Not only a start-of-the-year habit however, I also personally find list-making quite therapeutic. Firstly, when a myriad of jobs that need doing, some of which aren’t too appealing, swim around in my brain I’m much more likely to get stressed than once I’ve ejected & defined them on paper.

Secondly, especially when at the start of my arts-ish career I haven’t yet had a job which is a regular 9-5er, I like lists so that I can pin down what I’ve actually been doing with my day/month/year. I have this guilty habit of filling all of my time with various projects, work & volunteering, tiring myself out, then looking back and worrying that I haven’t done enough.

So this is part of my motivation for this crazy school-girl-like list – a place to remind myself of the month’s activities. The other motivational cog was just that I had a slightly nerve-wracking day, and my goodness… sometimes it’s just completely relaxing to sit and doodle excessively without any lofty Pinterest-worthy aspirations in mind. I thought that I might as well share it on the blog! (Also, metallic sharpies are amazing, you should get some!).


In other project news I was given an excellent new mug by my brother for Christmas… and next to this you can see some elements of my eventually-to-exist biscuit tin ukulele which my dad will be helping me to realise! I crocheted my second slipper sock (which has a completely woppy-shaped heel, but they do keep my feet warm and are a very relaxing form of procraftination) and I started some running again this month, beginning with runs of just under 5k. My aim is to go to the Hook Norton Christmas run (about 7-8 miles, but very hilly!) by the end of the year. I think it should be doable! And the wintry skies here are totally worth it. Hope you’re all having a productive January!


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