It’s true that the grass is always greener isn’t it? As in, we compare ourselves to others all the time. But it’s hard not to when you sit there with a handful of burnt out congealed cakey failure and your housemate, who is apparently not particularly into cooking, is frying up something delicious smelling with rice, pasta, vegetables and spices, and then I think back to a week’s worth of similar-tasting veggie and tomatoey meals which I just don’t fancy having again. I decided to find something new to cook. And maybe give the microwave a miss, tonight.


So I found this recipe for Japanese pancakes. Now I know I have done things before with batter and the like. However this batter seemed rather unusual – you separate your eggs, add the yolks with the flour & milk, then whisk the egg whites and fold them in. Is this unusual for a batter? It’s something I haven’t seen before anyway.

ย Into your batter you fold vegetables – I used completely different things that were simply available (and I admit, I don’t like sweet potato) a “melange catalan” (a salad with strips of carrot, lettuce etc.) and a thinly sliced red pepper, along with a good helping of chilli mixed in. Ah, chilli. I have missed you. A week at home with my boyfriend fixed that yearning! Although it was slightly disappointing not having my official chilli tester in France with me, to find out how hot it is (… Seb could you just take a bite and see if it’s a strong one?).

So I have decided I like this recipe – it’s both easy and different. Oh, except for one thing, I realised that I needed to whisk egg whites into soft peaks without even an egg whisk, let alone an electric beater. Good job I have strong arms!


There were two other interesting things which happened today. One – I went along to an art class in this very business & cookery orientated lycรฉe, which was something different from hectic school life. Also, in a lesson with the “sรฉconde” I did a presentation about how to make cake pops, with my step-by-step photos! Haha, they were entertained. And the teacher even suggested we do a practical class sometime. Erm, with a class of 36 hyperactive teenagers? Hmm, think I’ll put that idea to one side just for now.

Vegetable Pancakes
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