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24th April 11

Today has mainly been characterised by my over-excitement! Talking to my brother this morning for a couple of hours reminds me that few people can out-nerd us when it comes to creativity (and lomography cameras!) and we swapped crazy ideas about making a small business out of mug-cakes, drank a lot of tea and then sat down with a huge piece of paper & doodled people, since I particularly wanted his take on how he approaches his fantastic illustrations of people. Drawing people, especially faces, is an on-going improvement project that I’m working on, and have been working on in my latest art project. I love my own illustration style, and yet the characters haven’t quite evolved into a fully-fledged style so far. But then again, potential is exciting!

Here is an entertaining little doodle of my boyfriend Seb, an artist’s impression of how he would look with a beard! Below is a drawing by an illustrator that I was slightly inspired by in the doodling process…
Seb with beard doodle!

Speaking of potential, I am so enjoying reading the “Blog Love E-Course” from my current favourite, most inspiring daily addiction. If I could live one day in the life of someone, currently this would be my choice…
Hopefully the improvements will begin to show around the site as I learn about audience, style, themes and even become more knowledgeable about some of my favourite things such as photography and my writing style. Look out for the start of a few features next, starting with one of my favourite topics, ‘Going Up and Going Down’…
Happy Easter ! 🙂
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