A very interesting word I just came across in Carl Jung’s ‘Man and his symbols’. According to it means ‘extremely wicked or villainous; iniquitous: a nefarious plot.’

In context it was a poignant paragraph, so I’ll share it as well.

… Many of us now understand that moral and mental means would be more efficient, since they could provide us with psychic immunity again the every-increasing infection. But all such attempt have proved singularly ineffective, and will do so as long as we try to convince ourselves and the world that it is only they (i.e. our opponents) who are wrong. It would be much more to the point for us to make a serious attempt to recognize our own shadow and its nefarious doings. If we could see our shadow (the dark side of our nature), we should be immune to any moral and mental infection and insinuation.’

p.85, Man and His Symbols, Carl Jung

As someone who despises people’s obsessions with blame and being right all the time, this speaks to me. But then, ironically, it’s easier to accuse others of this too – that is, blaming people for blaming when I do it too… and so on. All of this self-exploration stuff is fascinating. We could all do with getting to know ourselves better when it comes down to it. I suppose it comes down to recognising our faults and loving ourselves anyway, and as a result doing this for others too.

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