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Making yoghurt has always been something I associated with hardcore ‘from scratch’ people (alternatively, perhaps I’m becoming one of those!), or Christmas gift sets that aren’t used, or having weird concoctions going rancid on your radiator overnight.

Turns out, it’s not like that. Making Greek yoghurt turns out, thanks to my good friend Dario, to be simple and practical… at worst it’s a teensy weensy bit unappealing when you hang it out to strain. Especially if you only have a number of small cheese cloths like me. As long as your housemates/partner/family can tolerate this bizarre addition to your kitchen temporarily, then you can make Greek yoghurt.


Find yourself a recipe like this to follow (or find a friend who is full of such knowledge like I do)… in essence it requires heating up full-fat milk (use gold-top, or perhaps add a dash of cream to give it the “banging donk” that Dario recommends) to boiling point, letting it cool to body temperature, adding a spoonful of a live yoghurt, then letting it thicken up in a warm place (like the oven on its lowest setting) overnight. The final step is to strain off the whey until you have the consistency that you desire, and then add all your favourite toppings. Stewed apples, spices, homemade jam, homemade lemon curd, granola… I guess you could even mix in garlic, lemon juice, cucumber, olive oil, paprika and make a tzatziki style dip. All of the above = my absolute favourite way to snack. I do not regret trying this.

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