Painting of La Rochelle
If you follow me on facebook you may have noticed a snapshot from part of a painting I have been working on this week. I have to admit, although it has been a wonderfully relaxing time at home full of many coffees, drinks and meals with friends, cooking & going out with Seb, being silly with the family, cuddles with Truffle the dog… I couldn’t help but want to work on a couple of projects too!
Working on a new La Rochelle painting....
So while Seb has been out at lectures, debating competitions & climbing sessions, I decided to join in a couple of society activities too! I have always wanted to go to the Art Society – and am planning on joining next year without a doubt – so I went along to one of their painting workshops & produced this little series of paintings. I wanted to do the row of houses – which are from the port of La Rochelle – in ink, but there was unfortunately none available, so they are in pen & the sky is acrylic. I got my inspiration from some cards I saw with painterly skies in Nantes!
La Rochelle Paintings
Finally, as you can see here, I pasted maps around the edges of the mini canvases of my…. polyptich? It didn’t win any prizes (I entered it into the Art & Photo society ‘Exploration & Discovery exhibition) but rather than something which really suited their theme, it’s a continuation of my personal studies from my journey there. I hope you enjoy it – I’m very pleased with how it came out!
La Rochelle paintings
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