A trip to Lille, lessons, out almost every evening for drinks with assistant-friends, coffee/aperitifs with teacher-friends, sorting out insurance problems, chatting over take-aways… and barely a moment to breathe. Except that I find when I’m so busy that I manage to breathe automatically, my worries are on hold, productivity heightens. All the same, it’s nice to stop and steal some time away for yourself at the end of the week.


So this morning I slept and slept and slept. Once I dared creep out of bed, after switching on the kettle that I’m SO pleased my friend Cathy leant to me for my room, I went to the back-door to pick up the milk from outside. Pulling the shutters back I had a shock… snow! In La Rochelle!!

I was desperate to go into town and see what the towers looked like in the snow, but with hardly any buses running & both pairs of boots I own here breaking last week, I decided to brave the “yelo-velo”s through the snow. Here I am, glad to have made it alive!
I have always wanted to see the beach in the snow… this being my first time living by the sea. It’s pretty, and I got some sweet pictures! It was difficult to negotiate my way here in heels (chunky ones but still…) and I was glad for my fluffy ankle-warmers!

I wanted to share a little photography inspiration I had when I was in Cambrai last weekend. When we went into a cafe for tea, I got out my camera and immediately the lens steamed up. I quite liked the effect, and so had a go at breathing onto the lens and taking some pictures today… I like the results! I have a lens UV-filter, so I don’t worry so much about rubbing my lens etc. as it’s protected. The top picture has the same effect.

I hope you have all enjoyed your snow days if you’ve had one, and are now safely snuggled up with jumpers & tea/hot chocolate. I feel privileged to be able to get to know such a beautiful town throughout the seasons. Now however, I have some time scheduled with my sketchbook…

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