I don’t think that the typically January-esque cold snap has escaped anyone’s notice right now, neither France nor England. The fact that even in my relatively cosy-fied room my fingers are freezing and I’m wearing two jumpers means that I’m even less inclined than before to face the outdoors to get to the freezer-box kitchen. I’m even drinking less tea as a consequence – quelle horreur!!

However, my dedication to cooking you up little delights, means that I’m willing to work through my challenges! And I think I’ve been rather resourceful this week. Back in October-time, when the sun was beaming down (in fact I’m rather spoilt, it was in November too!) and we were all scoffing ice-creams, I collected a couple of the ice-cream pots. They were far too nice to throw away! I have been meaning to make something in them ever since.

I found a slightly more unusual use for them though. I thought they would make great tartlet-cutters! Pastry is the thing I can work with best here, as the ‘crisp’ function in the microwave cooks it well, but I still can’t use cases. So voilà – mes petites fleurs! It’s a type of shortcrust pastry that I bought from Carrefour, and then layered some pesto, buttery-fried leeks, baked them, and topped with crème fraiche. Je l’adore.

These would be perfectly easy for a dinner party, or canapé-type thing. They can even be adapted to be vegan-friendly – I made a similar dish for my friend but scooping out potato skins, lining with pesto, mixing the mashed-up potato with leeks & rice, and it made a delicious vegan side or party-dish.

Now, I’m planning to use the leftover ‘fleurs’ for a sweet version. 🙂

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