This has been a very exciting week! In the past 7 days I have attended a friends 21st, involving penguin-pops, sailing and going out with friends, been back to uni to stay with another friend, driven to Liverpool to see the Magritte exhibition with my dad, had a fun day out in London with Seb … and of course spent lots of time bouncing around and being silly with my family!

In between such exciting adventures I have been planning my French Party, which I’m extremely excited about ! There is so much on the internet in the blogging community about wonderful themed parties, weddings and carefully planned events down to the last wonderful detail. Well, I decided that since for the foreseeable future I will be en France it would be my last opportunity in a while to put on a little party. And a little party put on I shall. Tehe!

So here are some peeks into the plans from my new scrapbook, which is entitled “My Dreams Book”. I admit, I’m not good at the conventional scrapbooking that I see everywhere – which is, rather than conventional, beautifully planned out and implemented in harmonious and visually arresting compositions. Mine are more like a 5 year old who has been let loose with the scissors & pritt stick. But then, my blog is sort of like that too. I’ve never been one for overly polished designs anyway. You can see that anywhere. Here are some little snippets of excitement…


My original page of ideas in my “Bright Ideas” notebook


A rather appropriate t-shirt for the occasion! People are really getting into the costume ideas, I’m very excited about this. Mine involves “Nouvelle vague” inspired chic style.


My playlist ideas – I love this page! Although some of these aren’t quite French songs, but we’ll overlook that…


I also can’t wait to do my first ever photobooth, complete with French props! And the pictures, with my brother’s help, will be going into an Amélie-style photo album…

I am running out of time tonight, so check back tomorrow for more exciting plans, and creations too! For example, I just know you’re going to love Truffle’s outfit…. she certainly does. She and I have had an exciting week!
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