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These aren’t all technically from the library, but I thought I’d make a little post out of some of the many work-related instagrams I have taken this year! As the last day of my exams (one to go this afternoon, seems like a long wait still!) I thought it would be a good reminder of how much work I’ve done. Quite amazing to think that by this point we haven’t really taken a break since term ended, when the last essays and revision began, which means no proper break since January! This top image was taken around the beginning of Jan, working in the local farm shop near my family home…

Rainy day revision blues antidote - huge tea and biggest sofa in costa to start the day!

Giant cups of tea in Costa keeping me sane, though looking a tad scruffy…

Sunny spot in the library

My favourite window-spot in the library, beaming sunshine (which admittedly usually I resent during revision periods…)

Surrealism revision!

Surrealism revision cards! I didn’t end up making revision cards for everything as I found that www.flashcardmachine.com was a brilliant way to make them while saving on printer inks – even if it doesn’t quite match cutting and sticking.

Sunday in the library, just about surviving! #selfie #self #portrait #library #study #surprised #pattern #geometric

Breaks in the library cafe… feeling a bit boggled here.

Rain & revision. #melancholy

Ahh, rain, that’s better. Nothing like sitting in the library and watching it rain, it’s sort of calming. Apart from when you turn up to an exam soaking wet after cycling in like yesterday. Typical.

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Curiositea – the campus tea-shop – many meetings with friends here to stay sane, even if we have little topic of conversation other than revision! What are we all going to talk about after exams finish? …How they went I suppose. πŸ˜›

My life, currently
Ahh, the notes for today’s exam – British Art in the 1930s. I suppose it’s appropriate that I should finish on this one now, as I probably ought to get reading…
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