Usually the quiet, studious and evening-in-with-the-girls sort of types living in our final year student house, we occasionally pull out all the stops for a mega-gathering with friends for special occasions – i.e. about once per term. And this term, with Caroline & my birthdays happening over Christmas, we decided to have a themed party to celebrate! I will admit, it might have been my idea… and I might just have scared everyone by insisting on costumes…

But I do love themes, so here are a few “Narnia Party” ideas! Firstly, you can see the Snow Cake! It consists of the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Recipe, baked in several layers, stacked up with butter icing in between, then smothered in royal icing. To decorate, I melted some dark chocolate, piped some ‘tree’ shapes onto greaseproof paper, and put them into the fridge until they were solid enough to squidge into the cake!

I also had this crazy inspiration for a classic old-school party feature… pineapple & cheese cocktail sticks! Did anyone else have these feature in their childhood parties? Well the difference with ours is that the oranges were decorated with Aslan the Lion faces! The cheese is supposed to be like a mane… don’t ask me what kind of mind I have to come up with this type of thing…

And finally the costumes were fantastic! I wish I had more photos, but we had several wardrobes, an ice-queen (below), two fantastically vintage-clad evacuees, a couple of Aslans, a professor, a unicorn, and some of the main characters (ie. Susan & Lucy)… phew!

I was so excited to make this ‘lion hoodie‘ from a tutorial I saw on abeautifulmess blog… so just before coming back to uni I got my sewing machine out and got stitching. It only took a couple of hours in front of a film to make too.

Such fun!
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