The beginning of a year in Charente-Maritime
So, I have one whole year before I have to do any significant amount of uni (i.e. written) work again. I have an opportunity. Starting this week, I’m working 12 hours in a French Lycee per week (albeit a slightly scarily formal one!). The rest of the time, I have space and time to work on projects or join something or travel.
At the moment, life is still very busy with induction days (not looking forward to getting up at 5.30am tomorrow!) and then starting formally at the school. So today I took some time to tidy up my room (will share pictures soon!) and go into town to see what’s open on Sunday. The answer is, not very much. And then I stumbled on a sort of “Marche au Puces” at the Vieux Port – I don’t know if it’s every Sunday but it was a sweet little flea market!
The Marché aux PucesAn excited French Poodle
(not that kind of flea market! hehe)
I was going to do some drawing but I had forgotten my sketchbook, and I was feeling very tired as my throat is still recovering from some sort of infection which had prevented me eating much recently. However, since this morning I felt like I could actually eat again, I thought I would celebrate by having “Plat du Jour” – Filet de Colin – in a restaurant by the market. A lovely way to while away the afternoon.
Cafe idea doodlingsLe Filet de ColinSewing shop sign
So I have been thinking about my options a little bit, without being totally overwhelmed by the amount I have to organise at the moment. I found a shop that sells fabric. My fingers are itching to sew for some reason. Bought a big map of the region (and La Rochelle is right on the edge of the page where it turns, why does that always happen?!), stuck it on my wall and looked at places to travel to. Bought a French interiors magazine to do a bit more personal scrapbooking. And have been reading my new favourite present from Seb, Julia Child’s “French Cooking”, which has been getting me through some painful sleepless nights.
But I still haven’t quite got there with a ‘project’ or idea yet. However, I did come across this sign on the blissful Ile de Re. It says “Macaron Obligatoire”. No idea why! Guess I need to find my macaron!
A slightly baffling signThe delightful Ile de Ré
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