Charlie & Viennese Biscuits

Ever since I saw the spectacularly-skilled Holly on the Great British Bake-Off last year make Viennese Biscuits, I have been desperate to have a go. As someone who isn’t as keen on heavy, super-sweet, stodgy desserts, these little melty wonders are light & moreish – perfect with afternoon cup of tea. In fact, as I was trying to make them this afternoon, which includes a few periods of waiting around for things to cool, my dad kept popping up hopefully in the kitchen talking about needing biscuits with his tea.

Viennese Biscuits

Well, they’re worth the wait, that’s for sure! And not bad for a first attempt, as I know that this type of delicate shortbread biscuit can be a bit tricky to make perfectly. Mine was a little too stiff as a biscuit mixture, too much so to pipe, though regrettably I don’t have the lovely star-shaped nozzles either. So instead, I cut & pressed mine into shapes after dropping some red food colouring onto the dough & gently rolling it in.

Viennese Biscuits
Since my dough was too hard to pipe, another time I might try this recipe which is almost the same except for adding milk into the dough, which I imagine would soften it: Katiecakes recipe. The best bit is when you bit into the buttery shortbread, and the jam & cream squidges out of the sides everywhere, and you have to eat it all up really quickly. Ahh, simple pleasures. Planning a Pimms & baking party when everyone has finished exams at my new country home… this recipe is definitely going onto the menu!
Β  Viennese Biscuits
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