Magritte books and notes

“Life obliges me to do something, so I paint.” René Magritte

No sooner than the summer holidays arrived 4th year of university suddenly seemed like it was truly going to happen, and the pressure has started, bizarrely, before the third term of my year abroad has even ended. Luckily, I have had a couple of weeks free to devote to nothing but reading for my dissertation, and am hoping desperately that the hard work will pay off. So I thought I would share a few of the more creative & inspiring aspects of my chosen artist… René Magritte.

magritte illustration

Firstly, this is a sweet illustration. Tea, umbrellas, rain… a few of my favourite things. Surprisingly, Magritte actually painted a few Alice in Wonderland themed paintings! I found this illustration while looking for connections between Magritte & Lewis Carroll. I can’t wait to do a few more Magritte-themed arty projects…
Tea & Heterotopias
You may have noticed at the top of this post my Magritte scrapbook-style notebooks. I love those silly, kitsch gifts you get from art galleries, and I have two notebooks with Magritte paintings covers – one with “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” and one with the Empire of Light (which is open to show my exhibition ticket & Magritte themed cupcakes!). These books just make me like my notes a little more, and resent them a little less.
One of my other techniques to dampen the stress of essay writing & research is to reside in a café’s comfy chair for an afternoon. Above, you can see my cup of tea, strawberry shortcake & text on Heterotopias… (becoming steadily obsessed with instagram as you can see!).
I have to make things a little more fun for myself. This dissertation is, for me, such a big and daunting task. I’ve chosen a really difficult artist to get my head around too. Some light relief came in the form of… the Tate gallery’s Magritte Your World app!! Ahh, how I love having an iPhone. This app means I can transform my own photos into little raining-bowler-hatted-men-worlds.

Isn’t this hand-felted bag beautifully made! I can’t get enough of Magritte-themed stationery and silly merchandise. It lightens the load on my brain a little!

Finally, I discovered that Paul Simon wrote a song about Magritte. It’s calm & soothing after a night of little sleep & a day of worrying about the meeting. I will continue to amuse myself with the interesting books on the subject I have gathered, and the silly novelty items I can find! Academia just gets too much sometimes, otherwise. Right now… I’m Magritted-out.

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