pill08fo12fccca879e296d5c5400d5b90b9abd27ed4115f49I almost failed to notice that it is Mental Health Awareness week! It’s difficult talking about personal issues on a blog but, especially since the theme of Forages & Finds is (loosely) finding simple ways to wellbeing & a more fulfilled life, it seems like a good time to mention a topic that I think is really important.

The Pill is a taboo topic to an extent, as are issues around mental health. Perhaps this is why no one ever warned me that the two could be linked at all. And yet it seems obvious to me now… that a pill taken daily that changes your hormone levels could impact your mental health.

While talking to a specialist at the hospital in a regular check-up, I mentioned that I was having a bad day, and seemed to regularly have some particularly rough anxious weeks despite being on the pill. She asked me how long I’d had this problem and I said well… for years I’d been struggling with high anxiety & big mood swings. She took one look at me and said – stop taking it. Try others or stop altogether.

Armed with this new revelation that my mental health problems could be linked to a pill I was taking every day (and after having one of those OOHH moments) I decided to stop altogether and see what it felt like.

And I’m like a new person. No anxiety, brooding, black clouds, brewing anger and frustration.

Now obviously I wish there was this simple a solution for everybody – mental health (and contraception for that matter) are complex issues. I just wanted to give my two cents on the subject, because for a few people out there, there may be a very simple solution, and they may be missing out on it because we just don’t talk about things enough.

Just discovered a Woman’s Hour Podcast talking about exactly this issue: Contraceptive pill and mood swings
















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