Aubergine "Microwave" Bake
Well hello there! I just can’t help liking Sundays in France when, despite meaning that all the shops are closed, I pop out to the Boulangerie for baguette, croissant & patisserie cake (just can’t help myself…) and then have a little stroll along the beach which is right on its doorstep. Even though it’s grey today and it was trying to rain, everyone says “Bon dimanche” when you leave, and I can’t help loving rain anyway. Next Sunday I want to explore a flea market in Aytre a few miles away, but today is about cosying up in bed, drinking large amounts of tea in my giant pink cup and catching up with laundry, and friends – after an enormously tiring week.
Creative Beginnings
I haven’t taken things too fast since being here, which is a little unlike me, but what with so much to sort out, get used to and learn it’s best to just try and get a bit done each day. This also means that until now I haven’t attempted much cooking. However, yesterday morning I woke up and watched the “Great British Bake-Off” Masterclass with Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry and started pining the fading period of extreme creativity and cooking-obsession that eclipses all else during the summer, chez moi. So I decided to do a bit of internet research on this strange, very black “Whirlpool” microwave with “crisp” & “grill” functions, and a special metal platter which goes inside. And guess what?
I can make pizza.
And fry things.
And grill things.
And make pastry.
And cakes. Maybe.
I got very excited. It’s a new challenge, but with a lot more potential than I had realised.
So I made my first dish – a simple Melanzane Parmagiana with aubergines from the market. Next time I will do a step-by-step to show you this microwave, but I was too hungry! The aubergines were cooked in a few minutes, along with lots of oil, garlic & seasoning, and their texture was soft but crisp as promised. Then I added a jar of tomato passata sauce, cheese, and baked it for another 10 minutes or so. It was fantastic.
Aubergine "Microwave" Bake
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