French Chicken Dinner
I thought I’d share a few ideas for weekday meals, and some photos of course! I try and keep things varied with different types of food, and I definitely don’t eat meat everyday, so here’s a selection of the type of things I like to make. Above is a French-style dish – haricots verts are very cheap to buy, and I went to the market on Wednesday and went a little mad as I always do there! Which meant a lovely dinner of chicken pieces, haricots, cauliflower, parsley, stock, crème fraiche and bacon lardons which are very tasty, and very French! They seem to cook everything with them!
Courgette Gratin
Next up is a ‘Gratin’ but instead of the usual potato gratin this is made with lots of thinly sliced courgettes, a few slices of potato added in (you can add peppers too if you want, they’re lovely baked!), rice and stock and crème fraiche to finish – oh and some cheese too. Yum! This is a perfectly filling meat-free dish and you can vary it to your taste! Here’s a copy of the Jamie Oliver recipe that inspired me for this one. You can also see something a little tomato-ey, it’s a melanzane parmagiana that I made earlier in the week – this was left-overs day!
Goats Cheese Salad
I’m not a big salad eater I have to admit, but this is a nice combination of French ingredients – baked goat’s cheese patties (I love goat’s cheese so much!), and cous-cous, which is surprisingly enormously popular here in France!
Moroccan Meatballs
I bought this nice little tin of Moroccan spices, to save buying a lot of individual spices that I would have to transport home, and they were perfect for meatballs. This rice, some kind of rice you make in the frying pan with a little water in a few minutes, is really good, with tomato pieces in.
Arrabiata & Home-made Garlic Bread
Finally, I made this with Seb during the week I was home and it’s one of my favourites – pasta arrabiata and home-made garlic bread. We love our strong flavours, and it’s a simple dish with a big big hit of garlic and chilli for when you need something with a bit of a kick!
Lessons have been going really well this week, I feel kind of like a real teacher now! I get asked to plan quite a diverse range of lessons – on anything from GM foods to ‘child labour’ – so it’s a real challenge and learning curve. Today was probably the most fun lesson so far though, with a map of England which I printed onto an OHP transparency (I have no computer in my classrooms) and a load of printed English foods & the names on separate sheets of paper. They had a riot of a time matching them together and trying to guess where they were from. Especially making me chuckle when they stuck “Yorkshire Puddings” onto ‘Derbyshire’. A few students got the irony…
Working on getting internet access more, but unfortunately am without it right now at home. A lot of excuse for cafe trips! Just found this really cute cafe which has comfy sofas, and have been taking full advantage of both sofas, internet, and tea for a while now ! 🙂
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