Mojito cupcakes
Viennese biscuits
More little herbs!
I have been doing quite a lot of cooking this weekend, I just suddenly got the bug. I think I’m also having one of those slightly overwhelmed by the prospect of the next academic year sort of weekends – the solution – ignore everything that needs doing and cook. Mojito cupcakes were technically inspired by my boss at the patisserie, who made icing with fresh cream (I used butter icing, so they keep a little longer) and they contain Caribbean spiced rum in the cake, with real peppermint extract in the icing. I ate about three straight away… even after an hour of eating cake mixture and butter icing from the bowls!

I’d like to share photos of what I’ve been making, but somehow it’s really difficult to photograph the food before it gets eaten. Sounds silly doesn’t it… I usually try and get a photo immediately, but sometimes you just feel like sitting down with tea and tasting your efforts first. And then the family wants tea and cake too. And then suddenly the produce is somewhat diminished.

I have a theory that cake is a little like radioactive material and the half lives phenomenon. I start off with about 15 cupcakes. This is reduced immediately by half (upon the arrival of a teapot and three family members), and then each time you check back in the cake box there are about half as many as there were before. The numbers keep reducing in this way until you’re left with some mouldy bit in the bottom of the box that gets thrown away 3 months later, no matter how good the cakes were.

In the middle photo you can see my little Viennese Shortbreads – a variation on the pear biscuit recipe – coated in my favourite chocolate (fruit and nut) which looks messy, but sort of works with the soft, sweet biscuit. This also shows one of my new toys – a piping set from Ikea, which enables me to have lovely star-piped biscuits and icing! Those in the photo however, are literally all that remain.

The final, and one of my favourite, foods from this week was ravioli (bought) with butternut squash sauce and crispy breadcrumbs. Unfortunately this one was genuinely eaten before a photograph could be taken and I have been meaning to do a drawing of it, but just can’t get around to it today! So instead here is a doodle on my new magnetic-blackboard, which I put together this afternoon (…flatpacks β™₯ yay!). The drawing is squiggled, messy and inaccurate – i forgot to add that there is a considerable quantity of cheese and breadcrumbs – but it’s something.

Magnet blackboard

Feeling kind of groggly this weekend, so had a really cosy evening last night watching Chocolat with the family – my absolute favourite story in the world. So tonight’s little mood-link is from Chocolat. πŸ™‚ This is my favourite scene, and favourite piece of music. If I do another short film, this will probably be my inspiration this time.

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