As the months go by it seems that I become no less Morris Traveller obsessed… though recently you may notice that my hobbies have moved subtly from car repairs to themed Morris Minor baking. Not a permanent progression, but a recurrent one, as you’ll see further down this post!travellerbiscuits2In light of the fact we recently had a summer garden party, I decided to have a go with the fantastic ‘Morris Traveller biscuit cutter’ my dad had cut, shaped & glued together using some old tin cans!travellerbiscuits3 14605894020_993a552333_oI had tested it before but this time I went all out with coloured royal icings, & piped black icing & chocolate. The black food colouring it turns out is rather overenthusiastic, and bled rather a lot into the icing. But my friend & my Morrises are rather shabby anyway, so a messy finish isn’t out of place!

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(Here we have what we refer to as the ‘North Cotswold Young Morris Minor Owners’ Club’ – day out! Parked in The Green, Northleach. We felt the Tudor building was rather fitting to park in front of!) I happened to dredge out from my memory a certain Fothergill Christmas cake decorating session which happened before I had a blog, and a successful search through the archives brings you this photo… of a Morris Traveller cake! Back in the days when I had cool hair and all that. How strange it would be to wind back 5 years and tell myself that one day I would own one! And make biscuit versions… well some things never change.

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