My week in illustrated instagrams

I have to admit that I would love to join the whole “instagram” game… however, first of all I would need an iphone. And right now, living in France, I have an old Nokia with part of the screen missing to text home with, and an extremely basic other Nokia for my French calls. So instead, I decided to illustrate my week of instagrams… that is, the instragrams I would have taken! I’m really getting into a bit of drawing recently.. though I probably ought to start adding some paint at some point. I just love my pen & ink moments.
parents in la rochelle3
Last week, Wednesday marked six months since my arrival in La Rochelle. I can barely believe it, but when I look back to my first days here, it really does feel like a while ago now. And in many ways I’m ready to go home and start some of the creative projects I love to do, being able to cook properly again, and see my friends of course. But there are many things that I love about living here – not least the cafes – and I hope that in my last 4 weeks, though I have a lot to do, I will have some time to enjoy the beach, and cafes, and general La Rochelle life!

parents in la rochelle
The fun thing is that with three visits… the first was my parents, next weekend Seb, and at the end of the placement Rachael, I get to really enjoy the last part as a tourist again! In between, it’s time to make plans (for blogs, jobs & the future :), finish projects, and spend as much time at the beach as possible. πŸ™‚


parents in la rochelle2
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