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Happy National Chocolate Soufflé Day! I have no idea what the source of this celebration is – other than chocolate of course 😉 – but it seemed like an excellent excuse to have a go at making, and have a go at eating, some chocolate soufflés. I thought I’d ‘rise’ to the occasion… ha … ha… Although I have to say, my soufflés rose quite a lot and then admittedly sank back down. But it’s a first ever attempt, and I declare it blog-worthy!


Any other soufflé experts out there? Or connoisseurs? I think that I just worried too much about overbaking mine and took them out too early – this recipe recommends 9-10 mins but I think mine needed about 15, although perhaps you shouldn’t over bake them as they won’t have that gooey centre. I did open and close the oven quite a bit towards the end of the bake though! So I have no helpful tips for you. Oh, apart from watching Mary Berry do it first. And you can make a chocolate sauce to fill the middles with if they sink and you’re serving them as a dessert! Plus, they’re chocolate. I’m sure I can find someone to help eat them. 😉


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