"L'Apporte Bonheur"

  Here in France, we’ve had a long weekend with Friday off, due to it being 11th November. The French seem to have quite a lot of bank holidays. We were pretty lucky since the weather has been b-e-a-utiful, I still cannot get used to wearing a t-shirt in November!

  I like Sundays in La Rochelle. A lot of shops are closed, including even the biggest supermarkets, so don’t get caught out without food. But if you take a stroll into town on a sunny sunday, you’re bound to stumble across something interesting.

Batala image

  I went in thinking I’d find the flea market, as I did a few weeks ago, but as I approached the Vieux Port the tree-lined promenade was sadly devoid of stalls. What caught my attention however, was a large amount of drumming, growing in intensity and variety, and being a live-music & performance lover I dove through the clock tower to find the source.

  What followed was a good 45 minutes of an incredible drumming group called “Batala World”, and they would gather an audience in a spot for a while then march on a little more. I took a lot of pleasure in being part of a group of mesmorized followers, taking pictures of things that interested me on the way around.

Escales Documentaires, La Rochelle Friday evening market    
And I did stumble across some other funny things. Dogs either scared or excited by the noise. A group giving out smiley lips on sticks to people including me, and taking pictures for their art program. A documentary film festival called “Escales Documentaires” which resulted in me being a little more knowledgeable about Reunion Island and watching a bizarre but mesmorising documentary called “The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye” which had really interesting film work & performance art. The Friday evening market with twinkly lights in the twilight, and creme de marrons crepes from a stall. My favourite.

  Finally, I didn’t so much as stumble across but signed up for the “yelo velo” bicycle scheme. Hooray! So I’m looking forward to taking more advantage of that this week. I hope you had a sunny weekend too! Did you stumble across anything interesting this week?

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