New Year's New Toys

Well, it hasn’t been a whole week back at work yet, but it has certainly been a full one! My New Year in London seems almost a distant memory now, having taught around 6 different lessons already this week, a couple of nights out, salsa lessons & a nice afternoon at a teacher’s house. It’s weeks like this when I’m so glad that I have most of Monday off, to prepare for the next week!

Rollright Landscape, Cotswolds

Before it slips away too much though & the term gets underway in full throttle, I need to think about my goals and aspirations for 2012. It’s going to be an interesting year – approximately one third in France, then one third in the Cotswolds, and the final third back at Warwick university.

Outside St Paul's Cathedral London

During my time in London Seb & me went to the Lomography shop, which I was very excited about, and I bought myself a Diana F+ camera, something I have wanted for ages. So Goal #1 this year is to work on some kind of arty project, or small projects, in La Rochelle during the second half (how quickly did that go??!) of my placement.

Apostrophe Cafe by St Paul's

Looking beyond France, which I confess I do a little at the moment perhaps partly due to baking & internet withdrawal, my Goal #2 is to really think about what I want to do straight after university. With such a long summer break it’s the ideal occasion to find some work experience. I had a small taster of using art as therapy in jobs over the last couple of year and may follow this one up a little.

Apostrophe Cafe by St Paul's

Finally, and related really to the last 2 goals, is to keep developing my creative projects, talents and ideas in order to build the little world I want to live in. I would love to expand this blog a little, but with such limited internet that goal is having to wait a little longer right now. But thanks for reading in 2011, and I hope you continue to enjoy my little bite-size creative projects! And if you feel like making my goals happen a little quicker, then don’t keep Forages & Finds to yourself… πŸ™‚

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