One thing that stuck with me from a film I love called ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and I was reminded of recently was the scene where the main character Elizabeth and her friend are talking about the shoe-boxes they keep under their beds. Her friend has a box of baby clothes and items that she has been collecting until she’s a mother, and Elizabeth says “I have a box just like this except it’s filled with National Geographics and the Times Travel section of all the places I want to see before I die.”

I wondered whether other people have boxes of things that they collect, hoard and squirrel away in the hope that one day they will fulfil a particular dream. My box is full of magazines, scissors, colourful papers, empty notepads, coloured tracing papers and other collected materials (as you can see above). My delight has always been in sketchbooks and journals – this is how I find my self-expression. What is in your shoebox?
Before I share my little creative exploits from today with you, I need to explain what inspired me into action. Having finished my 2 assessed essays for the Easter, now what remains to do is a final piece for my art module’s exhibition. Eek! Inspiration is so hard to find! I spent the morning researching and listening to music, the afternoon having tea and chatting, enjoying the sunshine and I finished the day at home covering the dining table with craftiness (everyone else has gone for the Easter break) and working on my sketchbook, feeling surprisingly inspired, despite not having achieved a huge amount.
It’s funny how I find talking to friends inspiring, despite not necessarily chatting much about art itself, though by briefly explaining my idea for my final piece it’s amazing how much more you come up with when you explain things to someone else.
Anyway… one of the events this week that has made me feel more alive was our very own home-cooked Thai food evening, with my friends Dream and Seb. We each cooked a dish including…
Dream’s noodle, tofu, carrot and pak choi stir fry which was delicious, and I’m adding to my recipe book
Thai Meal
Seb’s home-cooked green curry and super-spicy mint sauce (even the curry paste was home-made in his ‘mini-chopper’. Everything Seb makes at the moment is made in his mini-chopper. He’s very proud of it! Although I’m not entirely sure how good having everything puréed is for my stomach in the long run…)
Thai Meal
Thai Meal
And my small contribution, spicy Thai fish cakes and curly kale. I didn’t have much money but bought some ‘Dab’ (a smaller version of plaice) from the reduced section and cooked and took off the meat, though I admit the bones were a bit of a pain to remove.
Thai Meal
One last look at this lovely meal…
Thai Meal
So what did this in particular inspire me to make today? With a cereal packet, scissors, and a bit of paint… A noodle box!
And I even took pictures step-by-step for your help, if you fancy making one.
This cute little box makes a sweet present, and realistically if you don’t have the heart to ruin it with soggy noodles, you could always fill it with biscuits, or even fortune cookies!
For step-by-step photographs, go to my flickr photos by clicking on the picture below.
Make a square shape and use it to draw a net, with a square in the centre and one coming off each side
And finally here’s a sneak peek at the artist’s books I’ve been experimenting with today for my final piece… watch this space 🙂
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