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Just a fairly quick update as it has been a busy week. A mixture of ups and downs, but overall a good week, despite a miserable day’s busking Wednesday for a fair in the Corn Hall, Cirencester which, as I have mentioned before, dampens your feeling of artistic worth. So frustrating too, when I knew that if I was standing 500m around the corner on the street I could have been earning at least twice what I received that day. But after an hour an a half of playing I couldn’t face any more and did what I always do after a bad day’s busking… spend the money on tea and chocolate.

Yesterday was a different story. For one thing it was close to one of my best ever days money-wise (plus found where to park for free hooray!). But the response is what really affects your mood, and so many people came up to me and particularly wanted to tell me that they enjoyed my playing. I got asked to play at an open gardens day in August. A young boy came up with his mum, who told me that he had just this week been bought his first clarinet and played his first note – G, he informed me – and was really excited to see me playing. He was a little shy, but excited to find out that I too started learning when I was 10 years old, and I played him the intro-slide to Rhapsody in Blue to show him what he might be able to do one day (though I’m quite out of practise nowadays, so it took a couple of tries!!). I also had a request for ‘Petite Fleur’, now one of my favourite tunes, which I played to a happy … what do you call people who pay you for busking requests? Customers? Passers-by?

There was one slightly odd moment where a woman came up to me and said that she couldn’t believe I was a woman! I replied that I though it was fairly clear… but she told me that she meant when she heard the ‘beautiful playing’ she expected to see a man playing. Apparently this is some sort of compliment. I quelled my inner feminist and stared at her deliberately blankly. And will now refrain myself from ranting. All I can hope is that this woman was pleasantly surprised to learn that women are capable of the same level of talent as men. And that I’ll never see her again.

Anyway, the other main project from this week has been making Chloe, a story-telling friend, her birthday cake. Hence the tears and icing sugar earlier in the week. It features a dragon, semi-sleeping, with eggs (Lick the Spoon’s honey and lavender truffles) a small model of Chloe with a starry cloak and boxes of cupcakes and Aztec, gingerbread skulls. It has definitely been worth the pain and in a moment we’re leaving for the party – I’m very excited about presenting it to her! Let’s hope there are no Bridget Jones-style tripping up moments on the way…

And finally, I got a job! More about this later though. Plus, off to W.O.M.A.D tomorrow, absolutely can’t wait! A week full of lots of inspiration.

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