I always used to enjoy trying to think of really random jobs that it would be cool to have for a day. One idea was being one of those people in the white gloves whose job it is in snooker games to put the coloured balls back on the table, and pick up some of the balls and polish them occasionally.

(I didn’t even know there were women who did this ^^, guess polishing men’s balls for them isn’t the most appealing job on second thoughts…)

Another, which is a job that I would actually like for rather more than a day would be to do interior design for somewhere like Ikea, where I could make fabulously diverse room installations for the magazine and store. I just want to design my ideal room really.


Carrying on with the magazine theme, for a while I was convinced I could get a job being a bed model…. that is like the people in La Redoute who just lie around in bed and have photos taken of them. Well, someone has to!

And while having a browse of the newest styles in my absolute favourite fashion and home design company Anthropologie (who finally have a store in London, my favourite little trip to make whenever I can!) I noticed a 5-stack high card castle on the floor of the room the model is in. I concluded: someone was paid to put up that card castle. I used to be amazing at making card castles! I’m going to dig out a photo of one I made when I was about 13 for you at some point.


On reflection though, to be a designer for Anthropologie would probably be my ultimate dream. But I wouldn’t mind being the person who puts it all together for the photos either.

In fact, why don’t I just forget all of these impossible dreams and instead marry a rich banker, while inexplicably going quiet about how much they deserve their bonuses, and go for an extended visit to the amazing Anthropologie, followed by a trip to a Marks & Spencer food hall… What? Well, that’s about as close as I’m coming to earth right now. I’m enjoying my tea, Einaudi, and breathing in the breeze and sunny view from my bedroom window in the Cotswolds. I think I’ll keep my head in the clouds for a little longer


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