Off for a bit... back soon!
Spontaneous (well, sort of!) family trip to the beach in Suffolk yesterday – sandcastles, fish’n’chips, sunshine, doggy silliness, kite-flying… and tomorrow off to WOMAD for World music, dance, tiny tea tent, exciting food and camping (hooray, it has been too long since I last went camping!).
Ready for camping!
Hilariously, we have to fit all we need for the two of us for the weekend into… a smart car. So this is the lightest packing I’ve ever done for camping! And for cooking with, instead of the huge two-hob & grill happy camper cooker thingy we have one little butane-powered gas lamp. Thing. I don’t know what they’re called do I?! Anyways, this is my best effort at light packing! (It’s amazing how much you need for camping really, but we’re going to manage this)…
For camping you need storable, energy-boosting and comforting food. In other words, you need…
Flapjack Camping Food
Flapjacks! I won’t give you the recipe for these because it’s not really the best one ever – next time I’ll be looking for one with more golden syrup (we used black treacle) and add some rice crispies (I’ve been wanting too ever since I tasted the perfect, crunchy vs. soft flapjack in Jaffe & Neale cafe-bookshop in Chipping Norton!).
Flapjack Camping Food
But they’re still nice. Flapjacks taste of camping as a child. I guess they’re quite good to make with kids, you just mix in all of your favourite nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips etc. Or alternatively, they’re just great grown-up-kid-food. 🙂
So excited about WOMAD. Afterwards I’ll be sure to do a camping food special! WOMAD is a festival like none other because… of the Taste the World tent!! In the meantime, you can see my last-year scrapbook/journal pages and musings here. This time I’m going for the whole weekend, not just the day. Woopee!!
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